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How to Write an Email That Actually Gets Read

We’ve all been there: you send out this great email with plenty of useful information, but the open rate is much lower than expected. What happened?

Don’t worry. Creating a powerful email that resonates with people isn’t easy, but we’ve got some tricks that will help you knock it out of the park every time. 

  1. Present your email like an exclusive offer that is only available to a select few. Think about how successful American Express offers pre-sale tickets to events for cardholders; you can translate that same special feeling to the mortgage industry. Any potential homebuyer would love to have information that could make them more competitive buyers, especially in today’s market.
  2. Tailor your message, and particularly your subject line, to what your consumers are concerned about. And of course, offer a solution.
  3. If possible, segment your email list. There’s no way your entire list serve will benefit from the same email. And receiving too many irrelevant emails can mean getting blocked or at least ignored.
  4. Consider sending regular emails that your subscribers will come to expect, like the last Friday of every month or every Tuesday at 10 am.
  5. Be very clear about what you want your recipients to do. Include a call to action, especially when you’re moving potential borrowers through the sales funnel. Make sure that whoever you’re emailing knows what to do next.

Always remember that everyone wants to feel special and that people can spot a mass email from a mile away. So personalize your emails as often as possible.

Skyline has plenty of tips and tricks to make your marketing efforts go further. Give me a call or shoot me an email to discuss.


How to Do You Stand Out in the Mortgage Industry? Speed, Simplicity, and Control.

At Skyline, we have redesigned the application process to fit what modern day consumers want and expect.

Fortunately, these tech savvy borrowers want the same thing as loan officers: speed and efficiency. It’s a classic win win. Borrowers get a hassle free funding process and loan officers close more loans.

One of our loan officers outlined the exact timeline that a borrower goes through to apply for a loan. 

Here’s how it goes:

2pm Initial phone call with a prospective borrower.

2:15pm The borrower uses a mobile phone to enter application, pulls his or her own credit report and uploads pictures of basic documentation taken on their smartphone or we have the option of pulling digital data. 

2:30pm The loan officer does a quick QC of the app, generates side by side estimates based on dialogue with borrower and has the borrower review them in the same system that they did the app. And then the loan officer explains each. The borrower then decides which estimate suits them best.  

2:50pm The loan officer runs AUS in 2 clicks from the digital LOS and the system generates a borrower’s needs list. 

2:55pm The loan officer generates disclosures and has them delivered electronically. 

3:15pm The borrower electronically signs them, orders his or her own appraisal (WAIT-WHAT!?) and takes pictures of required documentation with their smartphone and uploads them in the same system where they completed the app. 

3:30pm The loan officer submits file for QC.

4:00pm File submitted to underwriting.

4:00pm The next day, the file is approved by an underwriter with conditions. Boom! Just over 24 hours from hello to approval without a rush! Wonder what Millennials want? Speed, simplicity and control.   

Want to learn more about the benefits of such a smooth process? Give me a call or shoot me an email.

Efficiency and User Experience in the Lending Process

Every person working in the mortgage industry and every mortgage consumer has at some point thought, “I wish this process were faster.” If the closing process were sped up, everyone would benefit. But there have been lots of obstacles like compliance and antiquated technology that slow things down. 

And a confusing interface that makes borrowers feel frustrated certainly doesn’t help.

But neither of these problems is without a solution. And we know, because we’ve been successfully working on these problems for the better part of a decade.

The industry-wide average for closing a loan is nearly a month and a half. That’s a long time, and when you’re a homebuyer who desperately wants to get financing taken care of, it feels like an eternity.

At Skyline, our average is significantly faster, and that means a whole lot more peace of mind.

And we’ve managed to do all that with a sleek user interface and plenty of support for borrowers. Our borrowers benefit from the transparency of our process as well as efficiency of our technology. It’s a classic win-win.

Click here to read about industry trends and the tug of war between user experience and efficiency written by one of the creators of Skyline’s state of the art technology.

How to Change the Mortgage Industry From the Inside

We constantly talk about regulations, compliance, and technology, among other things. But a mortgage is intended for a person whose sole function isn’t to spend days faxing documents.

Improving the user experience benefits everyone, from the borrower to the originator. One idea is to change the way that things are done behind the scenes, starting with the underwriting process. And that’s exactly what cloudvirga, Skyline’s sister company, has been doing.

Recently, National Mortgage News published an article about how cloudvirga and others are changing the process. Click here to view the article to see what’s being done and what the future will look like.

Equifax Hack and How to Protect Yourself

Internet connectivity has brought many benefits to modern society, but one of the drawbacks is that internet users and companies are vulnerable to information breaches.

Recently, credit bureau Equifax was hacked with 143 million people potentially affected by the data breach. Many details about the hack aren’t available, and though this news is unfortunate, there are things that can be done to safeguard your credit.

First thing’s first, check to see if you were affected by the hack. Click on the link below to get a step-by-step guide.

Whether you were affected or not, it’s a good idea to protect yourself. Many things can happen that may put you at risk.

Here are a few steps that you could take to keep your credit safe: 

  • Set up alerts with the three big credit reporting agencies to see if someone is using your credit. Same goes for credit and debit cards. You can even have push notifications set up.
  • Look into freezing your credit so that new companies that you don’t currently work with will not be able to access your credit.
  • Keep an eye on your credit history.
  • Consider a credit monitoring service. Right now, Equifax is offering a year of credit monitoring for free, but make sure you look into the fine print.


Source: New York Times, Sept 10, 2017

Getting More Done in a Day

We’ve become masters of efficiency. No one, neither loan officers nor homebuyers, likes a slow funding process. But we’ve figured out how to speed it up without compromising quality. That means no more applications that take days to fill out or documents that go back and forth for weeks.

Imagine a day at work where you don’t have to track down your borrowers to get the right tax return or a signature. No faxing, no scanning, no headache. When all the grunt work is taken care of for you, suddenly your day has much more time for prospecting and closing the leads in your pipeline.

At the end of the day, that means less stress, more loans funded, and happy borrowers. The classic win win. 

This isn’t a dream. At Skyline, this is our reality, and we call it 2X.

2017 has been an important year for Skyline. We’ve been busy redesigning our entire funding process to be modern, efficient, and beneficial for both lenders and customers. So get ready to move into the future.

To learn more about 2X, give me a call or shoot me an email.

Life at Skyline

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Skyline? We work hard and we have fun. Here’s a sneak peek into what makes Skyline such a great place to work.

We’ve spent years crafting our Core Values and we’ve used those to help shape us into the company we are.

Our Core Values don’t just represent how we do business; they also signify how we treat each other and how we teach each other. Everything this industry has to offer, from successes to setbacks, is dealt with these Core Values.

To see video representations of the most important values that we hold here at Skyline, check out the video playlist below. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll probably relate.

Introducing Skyline’s Executive’s Council

Skyline has officially launched our Executives Council, an elite group of individuals who will act as influential decision makers and have a direct impact on the future of our company. Each member of the Executive Council is one of our top 12 loan originators, ranked in our President’s Producers Club. They are then nominated by their Divisional Vice President as someone who offers a unique perspective on the mortgage industry with knowledge and experience about how to achieve success as a loan officer.

Chosen based on performance and potential, these individuals have distinguished themselves and embody Skyline’s Core Values in their everyday activities. They are the best of the best and serve as an example to others.

We are very excited about the inaugural Executives Council meeting this week where we will discuss new opportunities, evaluate existing programs, and discuss proposals that will help us further our goals.

Stay tuned to see what this group comes up with!